The ‘we’re Open’ sign is on the door, the creative juices are flowing and the coffee is brewing.

Color Tree is open for business 10-7pm Monday to Friday, 12-5pm Saturday.

ColorTree is a multi functional office combining a Communications agency with a graphics gallery and a Management bureau for Live Entertainment. This hybrid environment is designed to help deliver original creative solutions for the development of brands, products and content.

ColorTree is an outlet for different aspects of work from Advertising to product development, and from design to Publishing. It is one of the few specialty design houses to Offer solutions in the areas of Logo Design, Brand & Corporate Identity, Graphic Design for Retail, Corporate & Industrial Spaces, Packaging, POP’s, Visual Mechandising, Signage, Brochures, Magazines, Catalogues, Annual Report, Web Sites and does the occasional Advertising Campaign as well.

ColorTree believes that creative communication ideas can Come from all disciplines – where advertising is an Important component but that strong ideas for brands can Thread through many different medium for maxium Effectiveness, quality and a lasting impression.

Aside from communication, ColorTree also has a Live Entertainment section where Fashion Shows, Press Shows, Garment Fairs, Events, PR for Corporate houses and Seminars are organized with elan and panache.
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