ColorTree designs Brochures for all types of use. We oversee printing as well, if the Client so requires.


Cream Class

Cream Class is a Men's Wear shirt brand that caters to a preppy clientèle, and have smart casual shirts and leisure wear shirts in their collection.
The catalogue had to reflect
the spirit of the shirts, using
the colours and the ambience
to allow the products to speak
for themselves. The Catalogue
design was classy, upbeat and
fresh, without being overdone.
Simple and effective.

Duke Winter 2013-14

This set of images was shot abroad, and the layout and mood of the Look-book was young, fun and International. The Brand aims at a Casual
wear segment, and their
strength lies in their Winter
wear collection; therefore the
tone and mood of the Look-Book
reflects a cozy and spirited
energy. The catalogue design
is simple and unadorned, leaving
the stage to the collection itself.


Ethos is an Ethnic wear brand that caters to the man who is attending a Festive occasion. Stylish ethnic wear that appeals to the younger
generation, while still keeping tradition alive. The Catalogue was designed to look like a Royal Album, albeit of the younger generation. The design is as if you have stepped into the portals of a palace and get a peek into the lives of the Crown Prince and his siblings. Quietly elegant, sophisticated and royal, it complements the collection and reflects Brand Ethos perfectly.

Follow Trousers

Follow trousers is a Brand that caters to the Indo-ethnic as well as the formal category of Men's wear. The catalogue had to portray the qualities
of elegance and subtle sophis-
tication, while allowing the
detailing of the garments to
show through.


Macrame caters to Gen Y, with a range of Trousers that are fun, well fitted and different. The Look-Book had to reflect these qualities. Effortless, clean yet edgy, it is the perfect canvas to showcase the collection.

Masala Tee

This is a youthful, unusual brand of T-shirt that are tongue-in-cheek and very Indian. Youthful and colourful, each Tee is reflective of an
India that is ever-changing and
alive. The campaign and Look-
book had to connect to the
Young Indian in a humorous way.