Logo Design

This section contains all Logo design work that we design, keeping in mind the Brand's reach and the Client's brief. The size, colours and the fonts used are all very carefully considered as they will affect the actual Brand Outlook.



This logo is for a Brand that features Men's wear as well as clothing for young boys. The logo had to reflect the essence of the brand in imagery. The logo reflects a pose of watchful anticipation, with a ready-to-spring attitude in the body language. This reflects the Brand value, in that it is always on the watch, ready to adapt to the latest trends and values.

Cream Class

This logo was redesigned with an elegant form in mind. It had to incorporate the initials of the Brand as well as look sleek and stylish, and above all: instantly recognisable.

EastWest International

A garment company that wanted their logo to reflect air and sunlight.

Fire and Ice

A logo that is also an ambigram. Fire and Ice can be read when the logo is turned upside down as well. Unique and extremely rare. Fire and Ice is a casual Men's Wear brand that is based in Mumbai.


An entertainment Park that is based in Haridwar. This was a logo that needed to reflect the fun and explosively colourful zone that would be dominated by kids and their games.

Sunlight Seven

A Corporate cricket team in Hongkong. Primarily a club team, The Sunlight Seven's needed their logo to reflect their team spirit - fiery and fast, with a flash of drama.