Logo Design

This section contains all Logo design work that we design, keeping in mind the Brand's reach and the Client's brief. The size, colours and the fonts used are all very carefully considered as they will affect the actual Brand Outlook.


Hima Strikers

A Corporate cricket team in Hongkong. Primarily a club team, The Hima Striker's needed their logo to reflect their team spirit - bold and filled with a steady determination.

Don Juan

A Men's Wear brand based in Mumbai, this brand retails all over India, and needed a logo that they could use for all their Branding, be it for printing or embroidery. They also wanted something striking that would work for Packaging.

EastWest International

A garment company based in Ludhiana, that would retail under different brand names all through India, for various categories of Men's wear including Trousers, Jackets and sweaters, Shirts, Tee shirts and Accessories.
The logo combines the letters "E" and "W" creatively, symbolizing the directions it indicates. The colours stand for solid credibility and a touch of youth.

Long Bridge

A Men's Wear brand that retails from New Delhi for Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Sweaters etc, for ages 30 onwards. They aim at the elite segment of the market with a niche collection of fine fabrics and craftsmanship. Their logo is the caricature of a bridge which is both towering and elegant. The black stands for style and stability while the red adds a touch of panache and drama.

Flying Space

A Men's Wear Brand based in New Delhi, that retails in multiple outlets all over northern India. Its collection ranges from Winter Jackets, Casual Line Jackets, Sweaters, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts for the ages of 18 and upwards. The logo denotes a rocket just launched with a spark of fire, while the navy is both elegant and stylish - just the right foil for the maroon symbolizing its fiery mission.

Artedz Fabrics Pvt Ltd

A Corporate house that manufactures fabrics of the finest quality for a niche segment, that is based in Mumbai. Their logo makes creative use of the letter "A".